Faculty members at The Day School are chosen based on their excellent qualifications and nurturing personalities.  Nearly half of our teachers have worked at The Day School for more than 20 years.  We encourage continual communication between parents and teachers including scheduled conference days.

Every teacher, administrator, staff member, and volunteer at The Day School is guided by these goals:

  •  Providing a loving, homelike atmosphere where a child’s interest in their world can be stimulated

  •  Seeking a balance for each individual child in the four areas of development: social, physical, cognitive and emotional

  •  Ensuring a basis for development of concepts

  •  Fostering independence

  •  Helping each child understand, at her or his level of development, the order and routine of the world

Our History

Our Goals

The Day School was founded in 1969 by Mrs. Afton Day in her home in Dunwoody.  A former preschool teacher,  Mrs. Day was seeking a cooperative preschool program for her own children, where parental involvement was valued and encouraged.  Unable to find one in the area, Mrs. Day started The Day School.  As enrollment grew, Mrs. Day relocated the school to Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church.

In September of 1973, Sandy Springs Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) invited Mrs. Day to operate her school in its current home – the ground floor of the church. Since becoming a part of Sandy Springs Christian Church, the Day School has graduated 38 classes, more than 1,100 students, many of whom have since had children graduate from the school.  

Today, The Day School enjoys an annual enrollment of 100 students, served by 33 teachers and staff members.

Our Teachers

of Sandy Springs Christian Church